How to avoid physician burnout with Dragon software

Avoid Physician Burnout with Dragon Software

There’s been a massive problem in the medical industry. And if you’re a medical professional, you’re likely to face that problem sometime in your career.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “studies suggest that over fifty percent of providers experience symptoms related to burnout, which is significantly higher than the general population”.

Being a provider is a lot of responsibility. You have to deal with patients and work in a very fast-paced environment. These are some high-stress factors that people think of when physician burnout is mentioned.

But there are some other factors that might not come to mind which can equally contribute to physician burnout.

Read on to learn more about physician burnout (and how Dragon software can save you from it).

Stress Factors Linked to Physician Burnout

There are some factors linked to physician burnout that might not come to mind, such as:

  • Increased work hours
  • Administrative work
  • Screen time
  • Lack of feeling productive

Administrative work, such as typing patient information in the system for hours on end, can really drain you.

It might not seem like a big stress factor but think about it. How much time do you spend per week doing data-entry work that seems endless?

Let’s go over some advice on how to avoid physician burnout.

How to Avoid Physician Burnout

Medical professionals often sacrifice their own mental health for the sake of performing well on the job. It’s important to remember that taking care of yourself will better enable you to take care of others. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Exercise. Many physicians often think that the movement they get on the job is enough. But when you’re on the clock, your mind is preoccupied with work. Exercising outside of work can allow you to turn off your brain and focus on the workout.
  • Enjoy a book or show. Consuming non-medical content such as an interesting book or a cooking show could help you unplug from work.
  • Reconsider your work schedule. Adjusting the amount of time you can work could help alleviate burnout. That time could be spent with family or engaging in fun hobbies.

It’s great to practice these tips but more importantly, you have to address the root of the problem.

How Dragon Software Can Help

Typing patient information for hours on end can be draining. Dragon® Medical One is an innovative software application that can change work for the better.

Instead of typing in patient information, you can simply speak and the software will enter whatever you said into the EMR/EHR system. With no voice training required, you can begin dictating after a short 3 click install with 99% accuracy at up to 160 words per minute.

The software is designed for mobility, speed, accuracy, and flexibility. You can make it your own by customizing the vocabulary and adding custom templates. Reduce burnout by cutting down on screen-time, administrative work, and hours spent doing repetitive typing!

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