Product Updates

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 is now available.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.3 is now available. Go to the Nuance Community for more details.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 4.3 Full Client (ENU)
Build  (3.6 GB)

DMPE 4.3 is a full release for customers that use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.x, 3.x and 4.x. The following enhancements are included:

  • New scripting engine for Advanced Scripting feature
  • Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Office 2019 now supported
  • Uninstalling Dragon no longer includes option to uninstall user profiles
  • Upgrade process now uninstalls the previous version automatically
  • New user profile locations and new user profile path

See Release Notes for details on the aforementioned enhancements as well as information on fixed and known issues.

If you have any questions about your version or need assistance updating please contact us at 1-833-341-1411.