Product Updates

Olympus Firmware Update

DS-9000/DS-2600 Firmware - 1.04

A new firmware update is available to download for the DS-9000/DS-2600…

Firmware 1.04 includes the following fixes:

  • Improved the device charging specifications:
    • Enabled USB charging even if the device is in PIN Lock state
    • Improved charging from Low Battery
    • Removed the “Charge battery?” confirmation when charging via USB AC
  • Fixed an issue whereby the SD card may not be visible as a drive when connected to a Mac
  • Resolved an issue where the speaker and microphone may not work when connected to a Windows 10 PC
  • Fixed an issue where REW did not function at the end of a file
  • Changed the order of files to show in order of the Job number
  • Added support for continual recording in MP3 (Insert and overwrite are not supported)
  • Improved the stop position when stopping from Rev
  • Improved skipping to the beginning or end of the file when double pressing the REW or FF buttons
  • Minimised noise from the slide switch while recording

To download your updates please click here: Olympus Support