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Dragon Medical One Training – Specialty Selection

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Dragon Medical One Specialty Selection

The most important Dragon Medical One function is the ability to hear what is being said, recognize it, and present it to you with keen accuracy. While having every word possible in one place might sound ideal, having a refined dictionary allows for higher accuracy and less vocabulary training.

The medical language model is one of the major components that makes Dragon Medical One superior to non-medical dictation software. We can take this a step further by utilizing the built-in specialties to tailor the vocabulary to your specific field.

When you first log into Dragon Medical One, one of the options presented to you is the “Specialty” selection. Correctly populating this will allow Dragon Medical One to tailor the vocabulary to your field and provide you higher accuracy.

If you’re upgrading to Dragon Medical One from a previous version of Nuance Dragon Medical, you’ll immediately notice there’s a lot fewer specialty options. Dragon Medical One consolidates the exhaustive list of specialties into broader categories to reduce scrolling.

Dragon Medical One login screen with options
Dragon Medical One Clinical Administration specialty

If you’re not a physician, you may not want to select a specific specialty. This applies to various jobs such as clinical administrators, lawyers, insurance representatives, and more. For these users, we recommend choosing Clinical Administration.

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