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Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile 2021.2

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Nuance is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Dragon Medical One (DMO) 2021.2 and PowerMic Mobile (PMM) 2021.2 on July 14, 2021.


MS Edge WebView2 runtime requirement
Nuance is preparing exciting changes in DMO to display richer content, and improve performance in the DMO personalization and help window (What can I say, Managed Vocabulary and Plugins are examples). Machines running the upcoming DMO 2021.3 release will require Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime for fully supported functionality. It is important to note that there will be a grace period through the end of 2021 for machines without WebView2. As a result, future functionality such as MDCalc will only be supported if updated, and existing functionality will have a degraded experience starting in 2022.

Voice-enabled Microsoft Office and Windows commands
For hands-free convenience when working in Windows applications (e.g., Microsoft Outlook), DMO includes voice commands that execute key presses (e.g., tab, spacebar, enter) and keyboard shortcuts (e.g., copy, paste, open). As a result, users can launch applications, control the cursor, or trigger actions like cut, copy, and paste by saying, for example, “Open Microsoft Word,” “Minimize window,” “Press tab,” or “Copy that.”

Accessibility compliance
To improve DMO accessibility for people with disabilities, DMO supports keyboard navigation, menu, and options, as well as managing Auto-texts and Step-by-step Command setup. In addition, screen readers (e.g., Jaws or Window Narrator) are supported throughout the DMO user interface.

PMM updates improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Advances include aesthetic changes to the recording screen and large text support for better visibility and audio notifications for microphone on and microphone off.


DMO 2021.2 contains notable bug fixes that address application disruptions listed below. The forthcoming “Now Available” announcement will include release notes with detailed information.

When starting DMO from the command line, DMO will connect to the microphone device selected last by the end-user instead of defaulting to Nuance PMM.

Improved DMO stability during long dictation sessions when background noise is present and rapid navigation is enabled.

After launching Epic Hyperspace 2018 from the launch bar, minimizing the DragonBar will now hide the DragonBar.
Improved performance speed of DMO within McKesson Radiology 12.3.0. Also, dictated text will appear in the target field rather than the dictation box.

When using Epic Hyperspace and DMO in a Citrix session, text will appear in the EMR field rather than the dictation box.

Addressed an issue that sometimes led to the contents of the clipboard being transferred instead of the dictated text when using Basic Text Control in slowly reacting environments or target applications.


If at any time you have questions or concerns please reach out to us directly via live chat, email, or call us at 833-341-1411.