Case Study, Dragon Medical One

Case Study: Dragon Medical One & Charleston GI

Charleston GI, the first and largest gastroenterology practice in the Lowcountry consists of three physician
practices and two nationally certified and state-licensed endoscopy centers. Its 11 physicians provide the highest
level of medical care in the field of gastroenterology for up to 200 patients a day.

Improving the documentation experience
When Charleston GI moved from paper charts to gMed EMR, providers could access patient data from any location, and administrative and nursing staff contributed to patient exam documentation. Still, providers used transcription to complete narrative fields in the EHR.
“We realized real-time speech recognition could deliver

“Dragon Medical One is so accurate, I can create high-quality notes efficiently—in about 90 seconds after the patient visit. We’ve not only saved money but now we can spend our evenings with our families instead of catching up on documentation.” Dr. Nathan Shores, Gastroenterologist, Charleston GI

Quality documentation at the point of care
Charleston GI providers have always prioritized documentation quality, understanding that only thorough content can adequately depict the patient’s condition. With GI patients, Shores says, a patient’s description of symptoms is key to determining the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

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