Dragon Medical One

Announcing Dragon Medical One 2020.2

Announcing Dragon Medical One 2020.2

Nuance is pleased to announce the availability of Dragon Medical One 2020.2. This latest update carries through the 2020.X naming convention where X indicates the calendar quarter and contains new features and product fixes that align with our initiatives to meet customer demands. Expanding on version 2020.1 improvements, Dragon Medical One 2020.2 includes centralized administrator control and expanded support for dictation within EHR systems.

To help organizations take advantage of the powerful functions and features of Dragon Medical One, Nuance is hosting two 30-minute webinars, one for users and one for administrators, on July 15, 2020. We invite you to learn about recent Dragon Medical One enhancements and see what’s coming in the 2020.2 release. Join us, and please share the webinar invitation with your users.

Registration for the end-user training at 1:00PM ET.


Removal of “Hide Dragon” command

Virtual assistant capabilities are triggered in Dragon Medical One with the “Hey Dragon” command. To ensure reliable performance of its time-saving benefits and avoid potential confusion, the similar-sounding “Hide Dragon” voice command will be removed with the release of Dragon Medical One 2020.2. Users can minimize the DragonBar with the voice command “Close Dragon.” This will hide/minimize but not exit Dragon Medical One.


End of support schedule

For your reference, we have included an updated end-of-support/end-of-life schedule for Dragon Medical One. If you are using an unsupported version, please contact Dictation Direct support for information on how to upgrade.

Version Status End of Support End of Life
Dragon Medical One 3.4 End of life 01/01/2019 10/01/2019
Dragon Medical One 3.5 End of life 03/01/2019 10/01/2019
Dragon Medical One 3.6 End of life 07/01/2019 12/01/2019
Dragon Medical One 4.0 End of support 03/01/2020 10/01/2020
Dragon Medical One 5.0 Supported 11/01/2020 2/01/2021
Dragon Medical One 2020.1 Supported 3/31/2021 5/31/2021
Dragon Medical One 2020.2 Supported 8/31/2021 10/31/2021